Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sexy Cinderella depictions

What is it about Cinderella that artists find so sexy?
Maybe it’s the fantasy of an ordinary, working class girl who is really a beautiful woman once she gets cleaned up.
There are sexy depictions of Snow White, Tinker Bell and other fairytale characters. But Cinderella seems to get more attention in this regard.
Consider the following examples.
Moscow-based artist Otto Schmidt does cheeky, comic book-style drawings, including the sexy Cinderella with the heaving bosom above. (Check out his Facebook page and blog.)

The king of sexy fairytale art is J. Scott Campbell, who does an annual fairytale calendar called Fairytale Fantasies. The 2014 edition is now available. Above is a sample of his Cinderella art from 2011. (Check out his online store and DeviantArt page.)

Artist Guillaume Poux of France made the racy portrait of Cinderella here. It’s done in Disney-cartoon style, though with PG-13 sensibilities. (Check out Poux’s DeviantArt page.)

Platinum FMD of Rio de Janiero did a series of digital art photos that put a sexy spin on fairytales, including the Cinderella scene above.

Buxom actress Scarlett Johansson portrayed Cinderella in a print ad for Walt Disney’s amusement parks. The photo is part of a series of modern interpretations of classic Disney films by photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Edmonton, Alberta-based artist and photographer Mike Roshuk reimagined a group of Disney Princesses, including Cinderella, as sexy and dangerous warriors, complete with armor and weapons. His work was written about by GeekTyrant and Laughing Squid. (Check out Roshuk’s Facebook page.)

Artist Madhanz recast Disney’s princesses, including Cinderella, as Moulin Rouge dancers with a mustached Mickey Mouse as their ringleader. (See articles by BuzzFeed and Laughing Squid.)

Artist Biaani of Mexico did a series of drawings imagining that Disney’s princesses were lingerie models. (Check out her DeviantArt page and coverage by Live for Films.)

And finally, photographer Jason Ell did a series of photos depicting Cinderella and other fairytale princesses wearing dresses by some of today’s top designers for Harrods magazine. (See article by GeekTyrant.)
All of these works were made possible by the fact that classic fairytales like Cinderella are in the public domain and free for anyone to embellish upon.

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