Saturday, February 20, 2016

12 unusual virtual halls of fame

There’s a hall of fame for virtually every interest and many of those halls are virtual. They exist only online or in publications.
What follows are some of the more unusual ones I’ve come across.

Hooters Girl Hall of Fame

The Hooters restaurant chain is well known for its attractive waitresses and bar maids. So Hooters decided to create a hall of fame to honor its hottest Hooters Girls.
“Since the first Hooters opened in Clearwater, Florida, in 1983 literally hundreds of thousands of woman have become Hooters Girls,” the website says. “This Hall of Fame was created in 2008 during the celebration of Hooters 25th Anniversary to recognize the elite of that sorority.”
The Huffington Post put together a photo gallery of celebrities who have worked at Hooters.

White Castle Cravers Hall of Fame

The White Castle Cravers Hall of Fame recognizes and celebrates super fans of its restaurants and trademark hamburgers (aka sliders). Notable hall-of-famers include rocker Alice Cooper and the creators of “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.” White Castle is based in Columbus, Ohio.

Krystal Lovers Hall of Fame

The Krystal Company hamburger chain has a similar honor for devoted customers, called the Krystal Lovers Hall of Fame. Inductees get their illustrated likeness placed on more than one million Krystal Hamburger and Cheese Krystal Hamburger boxes and used in restaurants across the Southeast. Krystal is based in Dunwoody, Georgia.

Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame

The Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame recognizes hot dog stands and deli operators that have been great customers for Chicago-based Vienna Beef. Other criteria include the vendor’s contribution to their community, philanthropic leadership, and restaurant quality.
(Photo: Mustard’s Last Stand in Evanston, Ill.)

Idaho Potato Hall of Fame

The Idaho Potato Hall of Fame honors people and businesses who have contributed to the success of Idaho potatoes as a food and a product. They are inducted by the Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot, Idaho.

Candy Hall of Fame

The National Confectionery Sales Association honors industry leaders with its Candy Hall of Fame. Inductees include candy brokers, sales personnel, manufacturers, retail buyers, wholesalers, industry suppliers, retail confectioners and others.

Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour Hall of Fame

The Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour Hall of Fame was started in 2005 to honor the most successful Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour players. Magic: The Gathering is a trading card strategy game.

Mustache Hall of Fame

The International Mustache Hall of Fame honors famous mustaches throughout history.
The hall is an endeavor of the American Mustache Institute, in partnership with Wahl Grooming.
The goal of the hall is “to canonize the superior attractiveness of people of facial hair and celebrate the long-standing rugged attractiveness of the global people of mustache, while working to combat the discrimination of those who adopt and embrace the lifestyle of facial hair.”

Combat Robot Hall of Fame

The Combat Robot Hall of Fame honors fighting robots from competitions such as Robot Wars and BattleBots.

Personal Managers Hall of Fame

The Personal Managers Hall of Fame celebrates the illustrious careers of talent managers in the entertainment and sports markets.
The hall was established by the National Conference of Personal Managers.

Porn halls of fame

There are two virtual halls of fame devoted to the pornographic movie industry.
They include the AVN Hall of Fame and XRCO Hall of Fame. AVN is the trade journal Adult Video News. XRCO is the X-Rated Critics Organization.

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