Sunday, February 7, 2016

Mexico loves bikini football

Mexico has embraced American football.
Not NFL-style football, but women’s bikini and lingerie football.
While the U.S.-based Legends Football League, formerly the Lingerie Football League, has discussed expanding to Latin and South America, it has yet to do so.
Meanwhile, entrepreneurs south of the border have fielded teams of women to play tackle football in skimpy clothing.
I count at least five such women’s football leagues: Liga Iberoamericana de Bikini Football, Caribbean Football League, Bikini Football Mexico, the Pretty Girls Football League and the Women’s Football League.
Liga Iberoamericana de Bikini Football (LIBF) has 12 teams across two divisions: Diamante (diamond) and Oro (gold).
The Caribbean Football League (CFL) is based in Cancun and has six teams.
Pretty Girls Football League (PGFL) has 15 teams. Women’s Football League has 16 teams. A notice on its website says the PGFL plans to merge with the WFL this year.
The notice in Spanish says, “La posibile fusion con WFL en el 2016 es casi un hecho.” That translates to: “The possible fusion with WFL in 2016 is almost certain.”
PGFL goes on to say that the merger will “follow the footsteps” of the NFL in its “early fusion.” That refers to the merger of the AFL into the NFL in 1970.
Bikini Football Mexico has six teams.
Another league, Liga Mexicana de Football Lingerie, appears to be no longer active.

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