Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sexy depictions of Belle from ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Readers of Tech-media-tainment know that I’m fascinated by the genre of pop culture art that sexualizes fairytale princesses, especially those depicted by Disney.
Some artists like to take innocent fairytales and put an adult spin on them.
So far, I’ve reviewed sexy depictions of Snow White, Cinderella, Tinker Bell, Rapunzel, the Little Mermaid (aka Ariel) and Sleeping Beauty (aka Aurora and Briar Rose).
In this installment I’ll review sexy depictions of the Beauty (often named Belle) from “Beauty and the Beast.”
Any discussion of sexy fairytale princess art has to start with J. Scott Campbell. The comic-book artist has done several stunning depictions of Belle and her Beast for his Fairytale Fantasies series. See photos at top and below.

Artist Elias Chatzoudis also is a prolific fairytale princess illustrator. He is one of the top artists in the genre. Check out the two examples below.

Los Angeles-based artist Andrew Tarusov created a series of pinup-style illustrations of the Disney princesses, including Belle.

Artist Emmanuel Viola created a set of Disney princess art that reimagines them as hipsters with tattoos. (See his version of Belle below.)

Artist Joel Santana did a nice pin-up style illustration of Belle getting tattooed.

Deviant Art member Scottssketches made his version of the character called “Belle Alternative.”

Artist Matias Soto Lopez of Uruguay did a sexy version of Belle with her Beast.

U.K. artist Matthew Skipworth did a sexy take on Belle on a recliner with her Beast.

Artist Rubismar da Costa drew a busty Belle wearing a kinky corset and knickers.

Artist Myles Sinag of the Philippines also drew a chesty Belle.

Italian artist Pino Ieno drew Belle getting dressed.

And finally, comics artist Garth Cameron Graham drew a sexy steampunk Belle with robot beast.

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