Saturday, February 13, 2016

Revisionist fairytale art, a retrospective

At Tech-media-tainment, I enjoy reviewing all the revisionist takes on public domain fairytales. That includes artwork, movies and TV shows.
What follows is a roundup of my articles on modern fairytale depictions since the last time I did one.

Disney princesses as Jedi knights, Zodiac signs and hot dogs (Feb. 13, 2016)

Sexy depictions of Belle from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (Feb. 11, 2016)

13 actresses who have played Belle in Beauty and the Beast and 1 more who will (Feb. 10, 2016)

Disney princess parodies and mashups (Oct. 5, 2015)

Fap if you believe in fairies; Riley Steele latest actress to play Tinker Bell (Oct. 5, 2015)

Porn movies based on fairy tales

Sexy Sleeping Beauty artwork (Oct. 4, 2015)

Disney princesses as plus-sized ladies, ‘League of Legends’ characters and raptors (July 20, 2015)

Tattooed Little Mermaid art (July 19, 2015)

Sexy Little Mermaid, Ariel artwork (July 18, 2015)

Revisionist fairytale artwork in review (Dec. 9, 2014)

Revisionist fairytale art (July 29, 2013)

Photo: “Beauty and the Beast” illustration by Andrew Tarusov in the style of Tim Burton.

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