Sunday, February 28, 2016

14 more unusual physical halls of fame

I thought I was done mapping halls of fame in North America after I found over 100 physical halls. Then I found over 100 more. I’m probably not close to being finished with this project.
What follows are 14 additional unusual halls of fame that you can physically visit.

International Santa Claus Hall of Fame

The International Santa Claus Hall of Fame bills itself as a home for “the celebration and study of famous Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus of the past and present.” The hall of fame exhibit is located inside Santa’s Candy Castle in Santa Claus, Indiana.

Coin Operated Gaming Hall of Fame and Museum

The Coin Operated Gaming Hall of Fame and Museum is a video game and pinball arcade in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. Its collection features over 400 co-op machines from the last 70 years. Some are rare, with as few as 10 in existence.

The Presidents Hall of Fame

The Presidents Hall of Fame is a tourist attraction in Clermont, Fla. It features exhibits dedicated to the White House and all 44 U.S. presidents, their first ladies and families.

International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame & Museum

The International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame & Museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee, recognizes individuals who have made substantial contributions to the towing and recovery industry.

RV/MH Hall of Fame

The RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana, honors leaders in the recreational vehicle and mobile home industries. The museum presents chronological and technological advancements in the industry from before World War I to the present.

Daredevil Hall of Fame

The Daredevil Hall of Fame in Ontario, Canada, is a museum dedicated to those who have tried to conquer the Niagara Falls in some way. That includes barrel riders, tightrope walkers and others.
(Niagara Falls photo by Artur Staszewski.)

Gunfighter Hall of Fame

The Gunfighter Hall of Fame in Tombstone, Arizona, has extensive displays of historic gunfighters.

World Kite Museum Hall of Fame

The World Kite Museum’s Hall of Fame pays tribute to outstanding participants in the art, science, religion and sport of kite flying. The World Kite Museum is located in Long Beach, Washington.

Skateboarding Hall of Fame

The Skateboarding Hall of Fame in Simi Valley, Calif., features over 5,000 vintage boards dating back to the 1940s, and possesses the world’s largest collection of skateboard memorabilia. The hall of fame is located at the museum inside Skatelab.

Snowmobile Hall of Fame and Museum

Snowmobile Hall of Fame and Museum in St. Germain, Wisconsin, is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the history of snowmobiling at both the recreational and competitive levels.

Greyhound Hall of Fame

The Greyhound Hall of Fame in Abilene, Kansas, celebrates the greyhound breed of racing dogs.
(Photo: hall-of-fame racer Talentedmrripley.)

Quilters Hall of Fame

The Quilters Hall of Fame in Marion, Indiana, was established to celebrate quilting as an art form by honoring the lives and accomplishments of people who made outstanding contributions to the world of quilting.

International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum

The International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum in St. Louis, Missouri, preserves, promotes and educates on the history of photography. Every year it inducts key photographers or innovators who have made notable contributions to the art or science of photography.

The Maple Hall of Fame

The American Maple Museum in Croghan, N.Y., features a Maple Hall of Fame that celebrates people who have excelled in research, development and leadership in the maple syrup industry.

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